Do's & Dont's


  • Before you turn on your gas stove, make it a habit to open all doors and windows for proper ventilation. Since gas is lighter than air, it would disperse immediately in case of any leakage. This will help avoid any incidents of fire or explosions.
  • In case you smell any leakage, close the main control valve and inform  IOAGPL immediately.
  • If the leakage is observed in the yellow  PE (Poly-ethylene) line, inform the company immediately and do not allow any vehicles near the leakage point.
  • Inform the company for any digging/ construction work on a gas line by you or third party near or around your house.
  • Always close your gas tap before you go to bed at night.
  • For any changes in your gas pipeline, always ensure an authorized person makes the changes.
  • Never use non-standard unauthorized tubes; always insist on rubber tube supplied/ approved by the gas company.
  • Always ensure your rubber hose is correctly fit.
  • Inform to customer care if subsequent meter reading comes.
  • Last reading of your meter shows NIL consumption. Kindly contact our customer care if gas is used, so that defective meter can be replaced.


  • In case you smell a gas leakage, do not operate any electrical switches and appliances.
  • Do not smoke or ignite candle lamps etc. in case of any leakage.
  • STOP cooking immediately if you smell a gas leakage.
  • Do not carry-out or allow any digging and alteration/construction on gas line. If required inform IOAGPL about it.
  • Do not allow any flame, spark or smoking near the leakage point.
  • Never carry out any alteration by yourself and never tamper with any fittings of gas connection.